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Review: Bio Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel with ATP @ Monday, June 17, 2013

I've been using Bio Essence Deep Exfoliating Gel for a year or so and I gotta admit, this tube of disgusting looking gel really works!

From Bio Essence's website:

• Thoroughly and effectively removes dead skin cells and refines pores
• A gentler and more effective alternative to squeezing or using pore stripes for removal of blackheads
• Regulates and balances sebum secretion to help control shine,
• Removes the dead skin barrier for better absorption of skin care products applied subsequently
• Brighten skin tone
• Gentle and safe for everyday use
• ATP provides a source of energy to skin cells reduce the signs of aging 
Ensure face and hands are dry. Apply an adequate amount on face and neck and massage in circular motions until small flakes of dead skin and dirt appear. Rinse off with water and follow up with a cleanser.

Although it claims to be safe for everyday use, I find it a bit too harsh to be used everyday. I use this once/twice a week. This product is great because it really removes dead skin and it's painless!
I'm gonna post a picture of me and my dead skin cell after using the deep exfoliating gel... It's disgusting.... don't say I never warn y'all LOL.


Look at those pieces of dead skin that are removed! So so happy to get rid of them :') My face became much smoother after the exfoliation and my pores really became more refined. Wash away the dirt with water and finish up with a gentle cleanser. I'm using Nivea's Sparkling White Pore Minimizing foam. (Btw I hate how everything is so expensive in Singapore -.- The facial foam I'm using costs around $6-$7 which is quite reasonably priced right? But in the Philippines, they sell the exact same thing for half the price -.-)

Directions are indicated on the back of the tube

A leaflet on skin allergy can be found in the box. How nice of them to include this in!

In conclusion, I love this product and will repurchase it (if they have the twin pack promo again)! ^^

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Review: Shiseido Hada Senka Mineral UV Gel SPF 50 PA+++ @ Monday, May 27, 2013

I've always been warned that the main cause of premature ageing is the harmful UV rays from the sun but I feel that laziness is the main cause of premature ageing instead. I am one who really cannot be bothered about putting 1349723987 skincare products on my face to preserve my youth because I hate feeling greasy and sticky and also because I am super lazy. However, on one fine day, it suddenly dawned upon me that if I don't care about my skin now, I'll have no one except for myself to blame when age catches up with me :'( And so.... I decided to get a sunscreen and force myself to use it religiously!

Residing in Singapore has made me especially susceptible to premature ageing because it's summer all year round! I needed something that does not make me feel uncomfortable and greasy and also promises to protect my skin by having high SPF.

Ok to be honest, there is really a wide array of sunscreen lotions available at any drugstore in Singapore but this one caught my eye because it's from Shiseido! Shiseido products can't be that bad right... atas brand leh.

Shiseido Hada Senka Mineral UV Gel SPF 50 PA+++

This comes in a small bottle and it's really handy and cute! The formula is non-oily when it's fully absorbed by your skin which is a super plus point for me! It has a slight swimming-pool-chlorine smell but it's quite faint and unnoticeable. It claims to have SPF 50 and PA+++ too.

We are supposed to shake it well before using and are advised to re-apply every 2 hours but wellll I don't re-apply it that often because it's such a chore lol.


The back of the packaging is full of Japanese words which I can't comprehend. Oh wait, it's made in Japan! Awesome!

Just a small amount like this is sufficient for my entire face. A little goes a long way!

This is available in Watsons/Guardian for less than $20! Great stuff! Highly recommended! :)

Good luck!

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DIY Accessories Box @ Thursday, May 23, 2013

I've always wanted to buy an accessories box but the prices really scare me off -.- $29.90 for an accessories box are you freaking serious?!?! I will never pay that amount for a plastic box. Desperation brings out the best and worst of people LOL fortunately, it's the former in this case.

Materials you need:
Plastic box from Daiso, $2
Toilet roll/ kitchen towel roll, free
Wrapping paper, 30cents
Old cardboard, free
Sponge, 50cents?
Scotch tape/glue

I found kitchen towel roll, cardboard and sponge at home so my cost price is only $2 lolol WIN.

Step 1: Wrap the piece of sponge with wrapping paper. This is going to be your earrings holder.

I used origami paper from Daiso instead of the usual wrapping paper to wrap the sponge.

After you wrapped it:

Next, we're gonna do our bangles/bracelets holder!

Again, wrap your ugly toilet/kitchen towel roll with wrapping paper. I'm using kitchen towel roll because my Daiso box is longer than the toilet roll.

Measure the length of your accessories box and cut your toilet/kitchen roll accordingly! It is best to give 0.5cm allowance because we want the roll to fit into the box snugly.

How it looks like with bangles/bracelets on:

Lastly, we're gonna make little compartments to store your necklaces, rings etc.

Cut out small rectangles from a piece of cardboard. Make sure that your measurements are accurate because you want the cardboard pieces to fit snugly like the bangle holder. Cardboard is ugly so make sure you wrap the pieces of cardboard with your favourite wrapping paper!

Lastly, fit in your bangle holder and your accessories box is done! :D

Good luck!

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Review: People's Park (Chinatown) for cheap toiletries! @ Friday, May 10, 2013

Many people may dismiss Chinatown as a laopok tourist trap BUT wait a minute, Chinatown is actually a hidden gem ;) In this post, we're gonna introduce you guys to the best place to buy your toiletries from! It is none other than People's Park located at Upper Cross Street!

Take the escalator up and walk allllll the way to the corner and you'll find many shops selling a wide array of toiletries. The one we visited is Swanston Your Essential Store.

The toiletries they sell are much cheaper than that sold in supermarkets or drugstores. For example, a bottle of Asience shampoo may cost around $14 in supermarkets but it is definitely $10 or less at Swanston! Pads and shower wash are also dirt cheap! :D

Other than the boring shampoo and body wash, you can also get Maybelline and L'Oreal make up there at almost 20% off! They also carry skincare products from Olay and many other brands. Are you excited yet??   Below is our haul from our recent trip!

Serena and I ran out of shampoo and we're super excited to try the "Purely Smooth" shampoo from Essential! Review for the shampoo and conditioner will be up soon!

 Essential Damage Care Purely Smooth Shampoo and mini sized conditioner, $8.90

Colgate Plax Fresh Tea, $7.80

Laurier Relax Night 27cm, $2.30

Laurier Relax Night 35cm, $2.40

Biore Make Up Remover Refill, $7.80

Rexona Women Whitening Deodorant, $5.80

Dove gofresh Body Wash in raspberry and lime scent, $6.40

Glade Scented Gel in Lavender, $2.40

Oral B Toothbrush (In packs of 3), $9.50

What a steal right!

Here's the address to this awesome store:
32 New Market Road Singapore 050032 (People's Park Food Centre #02-1004)

Opening hours:
Daily from 10am to 9pm

They accept both cash and nets. Have fun shopping! :D

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